Узнал. Кстати, так я и думал.
Раз меня деликатно ткнули: вот чем занимался одмин с зимы со своим прекрасным соавтором Св. :)
Это цикл-кроссовер с Торчвудом/Хуниверс, в котором пока выложены две части, а остальные пребывают в работе.

Текст раз:

Title: Ex Machina Part 1 || Part 2
Authors: Saint-Olga & Eithne-Ame
Fandoms: Torchwood&Doctor Who/Equilibrium
Rating: R (for this part; mostly for violence)
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Preston, the Doctor
Genre: Kinky PWP Crossover, Action
Category: Gen
Wordcount: over 13 000
Summary: So imagine somebody is, for some reason, in need for something, in any place, any time, any point in the universe. And if this somebody just happens to have this, it may find any other point in the universe, any time, any place, where there is somebody, who is also in need for something and has another one like this, and snap!  - they meet.
Authors' Notes:
1. It started as an idea of a kinky PWP which suddenly needed explanation and character development and stuff, so it grew into a longer story, and then to a cycle. This is a first part, which is mostly explanation and plot.
2. Those who have seen Equilibrium will recognize John Preston; those who haven’t - it’s enough to know that he is played by Christian Bale, looks like this and knows a cool shooting/fighting technique.
3. The story is set after the end of Equilibrium, between Dead Line and Children of Earth for Torchwood and after The Next Doctor for Doctor Who. The 'he will knock four times' arch never happened here.

Текст два:

Title: Second in Line
Authors: Saint-Olga & Eithne
Fandom: Torchwood/Equilibrium
Pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto (primary poly couple), Jack/Preston (secondary poly couple)
Rating: PG-13
Beta-reading: amazing tree00faery - thank you very much! - and partly smirnoffmule
Wordcount: 11 758
Disclaimer: All recognizable elements belong to their respective owners.
Prompt: 3621. Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/any other character or OC, understanding of non-monogamous relationship.
Summary: The abstract notion of ‘love’ carried no clear explanation as to how exactly it happened, so it would be just a bit useful to learn something about it not from movies, but from the real life around him. Not to watch, that was really… impolite and sort of disturbing – but to understand. In some way.

@темы: Фанфикшн, Кроссовер